Ash Mahjoubi-Amine

Ash Mahjoubi Amine

Arashk “Ash” Mahjoubi-Amine was the product manager of the SR5500 and VR5 channel emulator and in late 2010 moved to the sales team as NA Business Manager for the fader product family (Channel Emulator, MIMO OTA, and Virtual Drive Test. Prior to joining Spirent in 2004 as a development engineer, Ash was a research engineer at ITRC.

Ash earned an MBA from Monmouth University and an MSEE from Rutgers University, where his thesis was on wireless RF channel estimation.

Recent Posts

The Secret Life of Modern RF Signals - Part 5

In the first installment of this blog I said I’d adjust the topic based on reader feedback. As we prepare for 4G, certain RF testing topics keep coming up, so I’m going to derail our topic thread. By the way, while I do appreciate your emails (most of them, anyway… as to the others, you know who you are...), some good questions and comments might have stimulated useful conversations had they been shared publicly. We ask for contact info when you comment, but we won’t release that to any...

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The Secret Life of Modern RF Signals - Part 4

It’s time to answer a question from a couple of weeks back: “if fading is so random, how can we control and quantify what it’s doing?” In other words, how do we express it, record it and eventually repeat it? One key concept is the idea of Level Crossing Rates (LCR). At a high level, all this means is that a) we choose a level below which we say a fade is a “deep fade”, and b) count the rate at which fades dip below this level. For a Rayleigh-faded signal the LCR is: Equation ...

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