Ameya Barve

Ameya Barve
Title: Product Marketing Manager

Ameya Barve is the Product Marketing Manager for Spirent Communications and is responsible for establishing and executing on Spirent’s global marketing strategy for its portfolio of automation products and solutions. He has over 15 years’ experience in software and technology industries, holding various titles in the fields of software engineering, product management and business development. He currently also serves as the Chairman of the Marketing Committee at Network Test Automation Forum (NTAF).

Ameya has an MBA from the University of Wollongong in Australia, a master's degree in computer information systems from Southern New Hampshire University and a bachelor's degree in management from the University of Bombay (now Mumbai). Connect with Ameya on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @AmeyaAtWork.

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The Complexity of Test Environment Configuration with Heterogenous Hardware and Software

This is the fourth post in a six-part series on lab management challenges. For more information, check out the original post, “Top 5 Challenges of Lab Management.

Technologies like virtualization and cloud computing have revolutionized the way organizations develop software, hardware and IT products. The services and sites we rely on today run across integrated hardware and software platforms that include many different networks, servers, routers, applications and virtual machines.

With this complexity comes an increased opportunity for error. A single bug in a product’s infrastructure can damage its ability to function, erode consumer faith in an established product or brand, and even destroy the market share of a new one.

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