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A Look Into the 6G Crystal Ball: Challenges, Promises and Timelines to Realize 6G


5G might still be in its infancy, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking into the beyond – into what we might expect to see in 6G.

Although 5G is still in its infancy, we’re beginning to see early vision forming around 6G with the industry coalescing around several key topic areas and ambitions.

From reconfigurable intelligent surfaces to intelligent skin level sensors, the use cases and the promises of 6G capabilities are limitless and will require new technologies and architectural capabilities.

I recently sat down with tech thought leader Professor Sally Eaves to discuss the timeline and what’s required to transform 6G aspirations into reality.

We talked about the challenges in realizing 6G and how 5G learnings can be leveraged. We also touched on the question “will 6G be the last G?” What do you think?

Watch as we look into the crystal ball of 6G in the video below.

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Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas

Head of Market Strategy

Stephen works for Spirent's strategy organization helping to define technical direction, new innovative solutions, and market leading disruptive technologies which make a real difference. With close to 20 years experience in telecommunications Stephen has been at the cutting edge of next generation technologies and has worked across the industry with multiple service providers, start-ups and Tier 1 OEMs helping them drive innovation and transformation. Stephen is an ardent believer in connected technology and strives to challenge, blur, and break down the silos which prevent innovation and business success.