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Wi-Fi Offload—Is Your Gateway Ready?


Network equipment manufacturers (NEM) are building and testing gear such as Wi-Fi offload gateways. Carriers are integrating their networks with Wi-Fi access points.

However, before Wi-Fi offload services becomes widely available, all parties need to perform rigorous testing of reliability, speed, simplicity, and scale, to ensure their offload implementation will meet the demands of realworld customers. Once services are deployed carriers will also perform on-going tests to verify target service levels and identify where more capacity is needed. Carrier partners will also perform tests to validate individual components of the end-to-end Wi-Fi offload solution.

In order to succeed with Wi-Fi offloading, carriers and their partners must:

  • Gain familiarity with the technology and business concerns related to Wi-Fi offloading

  • Ensure that all critical success factors are known and addressed

  • Verify functionality and performance of control, data and security plane simultaneously by testing with millions of WLAN subscribers simultaneously accessing the mobile packet core that roam between LTE and Wi-Fi networks

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