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Measuring & Analyzing the User Experience of Video Calling Services


Mobile video calling usage continues to skyrocket with the number of users expected to grow to 180 million by 2018. In this this highly competitive market, success hinges on the user experience.

To get answers to these industry questions and more, Spirent created Chromatic, a system for measuring and analyzing the user experience of mobile video calling and other mobile video services. Chromatic’s user experience analytics enable data-driven decisions about launching, marketing and improving video services.

To compete effectively, leading service providers and device manufacturers need answers to key questions about the user experience of new video calling services and devices:

  • Does my video calling service deliver the best user experience vs. competitors?

  • Is my new video calling service or video calling-enabled tablet or smartphone ready for launch?

  • How well does my service perform on the top smartphones and tablets?

  • How does my service compare to OTT providers or branded (and potentially QoS-enabled) operator services?

  • What areas should I focus on to improve my device or service?

Download the white paper to learn about Spirent’s methodology for measuring the user experience of video calling services including system configuration, evaluation scenarios and user experience metrics. Actual results from live network Spirent studies are also provided.

Download the White Paper