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Scaling to Huge: Load Testing a Million Virtual Machines in the Cloud


Consider a powerful data center set up to host a cloud. On the hardware side, there are dozens of racks filled with servers and switches. Maybe hundreds of racks, each packed with 1U pizza boxes and blade chasses. Millions of dollars of CPU, memory, storage, cabling, load balancing, redundant power, and Ethernet connectivity.

For software, a bare-metal virtual machine hypervisor such as VMware’s vSphere ESXi or Mirantis OpenStack, with a management console such as VMware’s vCenter Server or HP’s Horizon Management. For network architecture, possibly a Software Defined Network (SDN) managed by a controller such as VMware NSX or Cisco’s ACI. But does it scale? Does the data center operator have a realistic sense of how much load this rack can handle when fully populated, with tens or hundreds of thousands of virtual machines? Does the owner have confidence enough in the capacity in order to effectively price its services, and back them with money-back SLAs? This whitepaper gives you answers about how to scale test your clouds instead of taking an educated guess.

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