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Preparing for Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS in Consumer Devices

Learn about multi-frequency, multi-GNSS positioning


We’re standing on the verge of the third age of GNSS. An age in which precision positioning will become affordable. Wearable, smartphone and drone designers will look to woo consumers with promises of cm-level accuracy, and new applications will spring up, almost as fast as error margins drop. It’s time to get ready.

Chipset designers and consumer device companies should be planning for multi-frequency positioning today, and you can get started by downloading this white paper.

The paper provides an introduction to multi-frequency GNSS and also covers the following topics:

  • How multi-frequency is being used today

  • Why multi-frequency is coming to consumer devices

  • What needs to be considered to take advantage of multi-frequency, from antenna design to battery consumption

  • Why precision positioning requires position testing equipment

Download the White Paper