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Path-Based Spatial Channel Modeling


The Spatial Channel Model (SCM) was designed for evaluating multiple-antenna systems and algorithms. The model was developed within a combined 3GPP 3GPP2 ad-hoc group to address the need for a precise channel model able to facilitate fair comparisons of various MIMO proposals.

This white paper specifically addresses the most commonly encountered spatial models used by the wireless industry today.

Topics that are addressed include:

  • Path Characteristics

  • Introduction to the Spatial Channel Model (SCM) & Spatial Channel Model \[Extended\] (SCME)

  • Model Overview

  • Correlation between Modeled Components

  • Why Are Wideband Parameters Correlated?

  • Generating the SCM Model Components

  • Path Characteristics

  • SCME

  • Tap Delay-line Model


  • SCM & SCME in Standards

There are two more White Papers in this series available for download:

Correlation-Based Spatial Channel Modeling

Fading Basics—Narrow Band, Wide Band and Spatial ChannelsRight arrow icon

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