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A New Era in Trusted Network Security Testing


Historically assessing a network solution's performance in real-world terms relied on vendor provided information or private lab assessments.

Unfortunately, these traditional approaches don’t really convey in fair and consistent terms how one device’s performance compares to another. The industry standards body NetSecOPEN was created to change that by creating common testing and assessment methodologies that are open and transparent.

This white paper by the cybersecurity analyst firm HardenStance dives deep into how standards-based assessments level the playing field so organizations can make better and more informed decision when looking at a specific solution or when comparing multiple vendors. Download the white paper to learn more.

About HardenStance

HardenStance provides trusted research, analysis and insight in IT and telecom security. HardenStance is a well-known voice in telecom and enterprise security, a leader in custom cyber security research, and a leading publisher of cyber security reports and White Papers. HardenStance is also a strong advocate of industry collaboration in cyber security. HardenStance openly supports the work of key industry associations, organizations and SDOs including NetSecOPEN, AMTSO, The Cyber Threat Alliance, The GSM Association, ETSI and TM Forum. To learn more visit www.hardenstance.com

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