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Analysys Mason White Paper

Automated Assurance Is Key to the Automation of 5G and SD-WAN Operations


CSPs must embrace extreme operations automation and look at every opportunity to reduce human intervention in order to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and 5G, and to support dynamic services such as SD-WAN. However, CSPs must not wait for the full implementation of cloud-native 5G networks to start their journeys towards extreme automation. Assurance processes such as active testing provide an early opportunity for automation in today’s operational scenarios for existing services on physical networks. These processes also set the stage for extreme automation in cloud-native 5G networks.

This White Paper covers the following topics:

  • Why automated assurance is pivotal to the success of digital transformations

  • How active testing automation can bolster CSPs’ operations automation strategies

  • Why active testing must become an integral component of the automated assurance process

  • The need for virtualized and cloud-native active testing solutions

About the Author

Anil Rao (
Principal Analyst) is the lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Automated Assurance and Service Design and Orchestration research programs, covering a broad range of topics on the existing and new-age operational systems that will power operators’ digital transformations. His main areas of focus include service creation, provisioning and service operations in NFV/SDN-based networks, 5G, IoT and edge clouds; the use of analytics, ML and AI to increase operations efficiency and agility; and the broader imperatives around operations automation and zero touch networks.

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