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Addressing the customer experience challenges in VoLTE services

An Analysys Mason White Paper sponsored by Spirent


VoLTE will ultimately replace a highly reliable, high-quality voice service currently delivered by 2G/3G and using circuit-switched technology.

Subscribers are accustomed to the quality of current services and this defines their minimum expectations for any new voice technology. Revenues for voice services are under pressure in nearly all markets and voice services are therefore often not seen to be as strategic as other services.

However, poor voice calls, particularly at significant locations such as office or home addresses, is still the most likely reason that customers churn. Getting the VoLTE services working as well or better than current voice services is therefore very important for communications service providers (CSPs).

This white paper addresses the challenges that VoLTE represents for customer experience, including:

  • VoLTE complexity

  • Roaming and internetworking calls standards

  • VoLTE customer experience measurements

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