Voice Over Wi-Fi Testing Challenges

Evaluating Device Performance in the Lab

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This whitepaper describes the challenges of VoWi-Fi deployment and examines a lab-based approach to evaluate the user experience for VoWi-Fi services. To highlight the advantages of evaluating VoWi-Fi device performance in the lab, a detailed explanation of specific test scenarios and the factors that most critically impact the Quality of Experience (QoE) is included. 

Topics include:

  • Challenges to maintain QoE through VoWi-Fi
  • Emulation of VoWi-Fi network elements
  • Key metrics for evaluating VoWi-Fi performance
  • Test scenarios in the lab for effective VoWi-Fi performance evaluation
  • Lab-based capabilities needed to evaluate VoWi-Fi performance

This paper also identifies other aspects of VoWi-Fi deployment that will require further investigation as VoWi-Fi continues to evolve into an important service offering. Download it now.

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