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Mobile Network Outages & Service Degradations

A Heavy Reading Survey Analysis


Mobile operators are spending approximately $20 billion a year dealing with incidents of network outages and service degradations. They have become a fact of life in operating a mobile network. With the total number of mobile connections now exceeding the world’s human population, it is hardly surprising that one of the key contributors to outages is congestion.

Spirent commissioned the second edition of this survey to provide the industry with a report card on how the evolving mobile network is performing when it comes to service reliability. The report shows there are many issues in mobile networks and their performance management systems that result in carriers having service degradations or outages that they are not able to react to before they impact customers.

The findings are consistent with the need for active network testing to proactively identifies potential problems before they cause outages or poor service performance.

Spirent Landslide EDGE and CORE enable an end-to-end service validation and availability along with fault isolation in the RAN, backhaul, Mobile Core, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks.

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