Fading Basics: Narrow Band, Wide Band, and Spatial Channels

A Spirent White Paper

Fading Basics white paper cover

Radio technologies have undergone increasingly rapid evolutionary changes in the recent past. The first cellular phones used narrow-band FM modulation, which was soon replaced by digital modulation in second & third generation devices. Today, multiple-antenna systems are being employed to increase data rates. These provide improved quality while decreasing operational costs.

This white paper guides a reader through the basic concepts of fading and into some critical RF-related topics such as:

  • Fading Models
  • Flat Fading
  • Frequency-Selectivity
  • Multi-path Delays and Delay Spread
  • Multiple antennas
  • Wide band Channels
  • Shadowing
  • Channel Modeling and MIMO Capacity

There are two more White Papers in this series available for download:

Correlation-Based Spatial Channel Modeling

Path-Based Spatial Channel Modeling

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