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Detecting and Protecting Against GPS Cyberthreats

How the Spirent Interference Detector can help you understand and counteract the real-world threats affecting your GPS-dependent systems and devices.


As more systems and devices rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for position, navigation and timing, the fragility and unprotected nature of civilian GPS signals are becoming an increasingly serious risk.

Alongside atmospheric and man-made sources of radio-frequency (RF) interference, GPS receivers are increasingly susceptible to intentional and unintentional impairment from jammers and spoofing devices. Manufacturers, integrators and purchasers of GPS-dependent systems need to be aware of these threats and take steps to counteract them.

This white paper outlines the scale and evolving nature of the threats to GPS. It introduces a new Spirent solution: the Spirent Interference Detector, a device that can detect, capture and analyse interference waveforms in a given location to help manufacturers, integrators and purchasers make informed decisions about risk mitigation.

Download it now to learn:

  • The threat posed by cheap GPS jamming devices

  • Why the risk of GPS threats is increasing

  • Why GPS spoofing is now a real concern

  • What all of this means for both manufacturers and users of GNSS-reliant devices

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