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Characterizing CRPAs and other adaptive antennas

How to test CRPAs and other advanced GNSS antenna designs

WP Characterising an adaptive antenna 870x490

Properly integrated, controlled reception pattern antennas (CRPAs) and other adaptive antenna systems provide increased precision and robustness to positioning systems, protecting against jamming and spoofing attacks. As continuous, high-accuracy positioning is demanded by more and more industries, CRPAs are becoming more widely used.

In this paper, Spirent considers:

  • How adaptive antennas work

  • What you need to know about integrating CRPAs and other adaptive antenna systems

  • What equipment is required for testing and characterizing a CRPA system – including GNSS simulation capabilities

  • Viable methodologies for CRPA testing

  • Spirent CRPA testing solutions for high-performance CRPA systems

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