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Greeting the Future Proactively

Thinking Differently About Assurance


Service assurance strategies have typically relied on disparate systems and manual, swivel-chair practices. The operator employing passive monitoring of network traffic was generally able to detect issues— but too often not before the customer experienced degraded service levels. Because networks will become more dynamic as NFV and 5G deployments become more numerous, passive-only approaches to assurance cannot validate the end-to-end performance and are insufficient for meeting the significant challenges presented by these new technologies.

To assure quality and stability of these technologies in a dynamic network, service assurance will need to provide a unified approach across technologies and domain silos. They must continuously test and assure 5G and NFV services across the lifecycle— from network infrastructure validation through service testing to operational assurance. The traditional procedures, in labs and production networks, need to evolve into a seamless, continuous DevOps process with active testing.

Active testing provides service providers with unique capabilities needed to tame such complexity through proactive performance and quality assessment. Integrated as part of a comprehensive automation approach, active testing is the only way to test and assure dynamically configured services before they go live. It enables service providers to identify and resolve network problems before customers experience them. And, with the virtualization of the network, active test is now cost-effective to deploy across the entire network, making it a key enabler to network automation.

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