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Accelerating E2E 5G Network Deployment from the Lab Environment to the Live Network


This white paper provides an overview of testing requirements within the 5G domain, offering insights on proven effective next-generation testing automation solutions. This paper covers the following:

  • The evolving landscape and underlying challenges of 5G

  • 5G deployment objectives

  • The importance of a next-gen strategy in 5G deployment

  • A model for next-gen test automation

  • Technology testing requirements for 5G

  • 5G domain test objectives

  • Evolving requirements of a 5G testing strategy

  • The importance of rethinking 5G validation

  • Sample benefits of a proven Test as a Service solution

The paper's primary focus is on the End-to-End (E2E) perspective across the 5G domain and its sub-domains. These subdomains are the RAN (radio access network), the 5G Core infrastructure, the applications and functions residing in the RAN and Core, and the E2E services that span across the network, which includes the CPE (customer premises equipment) devices.

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