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Securing the Connected Vehicle


As cars and trucks incorporate more “smart” features and become increasingly connected with outside services, they also become more vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats that can steal information or even take control of the vehicle remotely. Internet and software-dependent systems are standard components of today’s vehicles—from information, navigation, and entertainment services to critical fuel, safety, and performance systems. Yet many have few, if any, basic security defenses that protect even the average credit card.

In this on-demand webinar, learn about the growing threat landscape for connected vehicles, the most common vulnerabilities, how to secure critical systems better, and why it’s essential for auto and component manufacturers to take a proactive approach to securing their products. Spirent Security’s Realistic Preemptive Intelligence will arm you with the knowledge to make critical decisions.

Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn:

  • Why ‘securing the connected car’ is important?

  • What are some of the industry challenges currently being faced?

    • Implications of vehicle-to-vehicle communication?

    • Law enforcement implications?

  • What is the current threat landscape – things that could go wrong?

    • Remotely taking over a vehicle

    • Unlocking, stealing and tracking a vehicle, etc.

  • What can be done to prevent this from happening?

    • Design/implementation changes to potentially mitigate risk

  • What are ‘Aftermarket systems’?

    • ‘Smart’ features are currently introduced as aftermarket modules for existing cars

  • What needs to be the mind-frame for automotive manufacturers to stay ahead of the hacker’s curve?

    • Why a proactive approach?

    • Why do auto-manufactures need to dedicate more resources towards this?


Vladislav Gostomelsky

Spirent Federal, Managing Consultant

Domain expertise: Automotive, Web application testing, Network penetration testing, Wireless, Embedded, Social Engineering, IOT, SCADA, Reverse Engineering, Red Team, Lock Picking

Vlad is a driven security researcher with a passion for securing technology that makes civilized life possible. He is particularly focused on automotive security, satellite systems security, SCADA systems supporting the critical infrastructure and wireless networks. He specializes in the intersection of physical and network security. He has worked on DARPA projects, established and led penetration testing teams for Fortune 50 organizations, performed incident response and forensics on sensitive production systems within controlled environments, reverse engineered security devices, and participated in countless red team engagements for banks, critical infrastructure, pharmaceutical companies, law firms and research organizations. Vlad has been a speaker at various security conferences including Bsides, DEFCON, HOPE, and ShmooCon. Vlad was a board member for NYC OWASP and remains committed to the security community working together to improve the security posture through developer education, end user training, peer-reviewed code and rigorous standardized testing methodologies.

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