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Record & Playback for GNSS Testing

The Right Approach to Record and Playback

View the Spirent complementary webinar, Record & Playback for GNSS Testing. Steve Hickling, product manager at Spirent, addresses the advantages and highlight the potential pitfalls of the record and playback approach. Learn about record & playback best practices and get guidance on selecting and using a GNSS signal recorder for testing.

This webinar illustrates record & playback techniques with examples featuring Spirent’s new GSS6400 GNSS Record and Playback System.

Topics covered:

  • Why record and playback?

  • Selecting an RPS system

  • Typical applications and tests

  • Comparison with a simulator

  • Key features of the GSS6400 GNSS Record and Playback System

More About Record & Playback

Recording digitized GNSS signals, storing them to disc and then replaying them for test is emerging as a popular and credible method for the evaluation of GNSS devices under real world conditions.

The record and playback approach dramatically reduces the need for field testing, with the added benefit that the same captured complex signal conditions can be repeatedly replayed. This approach not only reduces the time and money spent in field tests, it also helps to improve device performance as run-to-run changes due to differing live sky signal conditions are eliminated.

Presenter: Steve Hickling, Spirent

Duration: 60 minutes

Watch the Webinar