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IoT Security Concerns within the Enterprise


The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in the monitoring, supply chain, facility management, and manufacturing processes used by many organizations. Even though many IoT deployments are mature, a high number have experienced security breaches that were more costlier than breaches in other parts of the enterprise IT infrastructure. This is partially because the IT and security practices commonly used when deploying a new network device or application were not applied to a number of IoT projects. The result can be security coverage gaps and inconsistencies in or between infrastructure devices, network connections, web applications, and collection and analysis tools.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the current state of IoT security, identify potential threat vectors, describe how to assess vulnerabilities, and suggest remediation processes. We’ll also look at ways in which Spirent’s SecurityLabsTM, CyberFloodTM testing solution, testing expertise, and wide range of managed and penetration testing services can help companies move forward with their IoT deployments while improving both performance and security.

About this Webinar:

  • The current state of IoT deployments within Enterprises

  • Unique security and performance challenges with IoT deployments

  • The causes of IoT security breaches

  • The state of IoT security

    • Threat vectors

    • Implications

    • Technologies

  • Best practices for IoT security & performance

    • Vulnerability assessment

    • Testing

    • Service priorities

    • DevOps priorities

  • The need for IoT specialized expertise

  • The 'Spirent Difference'

  • 15-minute live Q&A session with Spirent security experts


Sameer Dixit, Sr. Director Security Consulting

Sameer Dixit is a leader in cyber security with over 15 years of experience in penetration testing and security research. At Spirent, Sameer is leading the ethical hacking and security research team called Spirent Security Labs.

Prior to Spirent, Sameer has worked for leading security companies such as Trustwave-SpiderLabs and Cenzic Inc. where he led the penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and managed security testing services team.

Mike Jack, Sr. Manager of Product Marketing

Michael Jack is Sr. Manager of Product Marketing of Spirent Communications’ applications and security solutions portfolio. With 20 years of working in the data communications industry and over 15 years working for networking test and measurement organizations.

At Spirent Michael works with the team to define, produce, and deliver cutting-edge Applications and Security testing solutions for Network Equipment Manufactures, Enterprises, and Services Providers.

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