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Lifecycle Service Assurance: DevOps-Based Service Assurance for the NFV/SDN Era


Communications service providers need a new service assurance approach to realize the business benefits of network virtualization. Traditional, siloed, waterfall-based service assurance methods are not fit for purpose in the era of network function virtualization/software-defined networking (NFV/SDN), and must give way to a DevOps-based methodology where virtualized network functions (VNFs) and end-to-end services are validated, tested and operationalized in a seamless manner. Service assurance should play a critical role in the full-service lifecycle to realize the business benefits of service and operational agility.

In this webinar, Analysys Mason and Spirent cover key topics such as:

  • The need for a new approach to service assurance in the era of NFV/SDN

  • Evolution from waterfall-to-DevOps-based service assurance

  • Lifecycle Service Assurance

  • Key Lifecycle Service Assurance use cases in NFV

  • Q&A

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