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Advances in SDR and RF Channel Emulation for Defense Radio Systems


Advances inspired by 5G are making their way into the design and testing of military communications systems.

From Massive MIMO and beamforming to mmWave and high-bandwidth channels, new RF technologies can be applied to secure communications, electronic countermeasures, mesh networks, ground-to-air and tactical endpoints.

In this AFCEA webinar moderated by SIGNAL Magazine Editor-in-Chief Bob Ackerman, we share trends in the commercial wireless space and how SDR has been used to prototype, test and deploy critical capabilities. We also explore recent developments in RF Channel Emulation for simulating RF fading, noise, reflections, doppler motion and hostile signals in the lab. Sponsored by Spirent Communications and National Instruments.

Featured Speakers:

Haydn Nelson

Americas Marketing Manager, SDR

National Instruments

Haydn Nelson has more than 15 years of a technical leadership experience in RF and SDR for aerospace and defense. Starting his career in research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, he worked with state-of-the-art FPGA technology for radar systems research. Joining NI in 2009 as an RF systems software engineer, he continued his passion for FPGA technology contributing to modernization of RF test methods. Haydn currently manages marketing for the NI and Ettus Research brand of SDR for the Americas.

Dave Garrison

Senior Director, 5G RF Performance

Spirent Communications

Dave Garrison has over 25 years of combined experience in new product and business development, product management and strategic planning. Dave leads the global RF channel emulation team, concentrating on assuring the performance of critical 5G radio communications. He is focused on the delivery of innovative solutions to simplify the complexity and economics of 5G testing, while helping to accelerate the advancement of 5G implementation. Currently located in New Jersey, Dave holds both a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Rob Harris

Executive Vice President

Mr. Harris is a professional leader with extensive international business development and executive experience with 25 years focused primarily in the military and aerospace sector. He has a proven history of solution selling along with product management, positioning and global account management. Strong technical background such as custom product engineering, rugged embedded systems and precision test and measurement instrumentation for deployed applications. He served as senior member of a corporate development team that acquired seven engineering companies that contributed to $300 million in annual sales.

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