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Accelerating Network Automation

Practical Guidelines for Automating Legacy & Early-Stage, Virtual Telecom Networks


Service providers are confronted by a conflicting set of needs: launch new services faster, dramatically reduce costs and ensure a differentiated service quality.

Network automation is the only way to meet these needs, but automation has historically been expensive and time consuming to deploy. New cloud-native networks will change this dynamic, but they are years away and providers cannot afford to wait. Watch this webinar to learn practical guidelines for making automation fast and cost-effective in today’s physical and nascent virtual networks.

The webinar covers the following points:

  • Current telecom automation trends and NFV orchestration deployment status

  • State of network virtualization and progress towards cloud-native networks

  • Principles of cloud-native service assurance/applicability to today’s networks

  • Target use cases for automation in legacy and early-stage virtual/hybrid networks

  • Case study: tier 1 provider deployment of cloud-native service assurance for network automation

James Crawshaw

Senior Analyst – OSS/BSS Transformation

Heavy Reading

James leads Heavy Reading's OSS/BSS research service. He examines the breadth of software used by communications service providers in customer, business, service and infrastructure management. James's areas of focus include BSS, OSS, SDP, policy management, revenue assurance, service assurance, analytics and business intelligence. He is particularly interested in the impact of SDN and NFV on operator's IT systems.

Prior to joining Heavy Reading, James worked for more than 15 years as an analyst covering technology and telecom companies for various investment banks and industry research firms. He previously worked as a management consultant in industry.

James holds a BSc and MEng in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester, England.

Jay Stewart

Senior PLM, Virtual Solutions


For more than 30 years, Jay Stewart has been working with communications service providers to launch services faster, ensure high service quality and reduce operational costs. Jay is currently responsible for Spirent’s virtual strategy as the senior product line manager for service assurance. As part of this role, Jay works closely with leading service providers to help them automate their testing and assurance processes across both lab and production environments. Prior to joining Spirent, Jay was director of marketing for Ethernet services at JDSU and was responsible for Ethernet test products for service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

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