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Webinar: Jumpstart Your 5G Core Validation

Safely Accelerate 5G Event

The race to 5G has begun. To deliver on the promise of 5G, service providers need to work fast, but equally important, meet the high expectations of service quality. Validation of the increasingly complex landscape of new technology, multi-vendor environments, and new delivery models adds extreme pressure to the timeline and budget. Expectations for 5G are higher than ever, and a false start or poor implementation can wreak havoc for organizations advertising a newly-minted 5G network.

That’s why Spirent has developed the Landslide 5G Core Automation Package to help service providers reach the finish line faster. The Landslide 5G Core Automation Package is a subscription-based test case library that includes:

  • Hundreds of test cases for compliance, capacity, and performance testing

  • Automation with customizable reports and dashboards

  • Vendor agnostic validation

  • Ongoing test case updates that grow as 3GPP requirements evolve

Watch our webinar to learn how you can jumpstart your way to a validated 5G core network.

Watch the Webinar