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Five Key Tests to Improve Your Customers' GPS Experience

Learn about the tests you should run to verify the performance of any GPS and other global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver


More and more companies are choosing to add location-tracking capabilities to their products. From drones, to fitness trackers, to autonomous cars, you'll find GPS and other global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers in a greater range of products than ever before. What's more. location-tracking is often a critical feature in these products. As a result, testing their performance is vital to ensure they work as expected in all conceivable conditions.

In this webinar we demonstrate how to run basic tests and analyze the results to verify the performance of any GNSS receiver. Whether you're new to GNSS testing, or would just like a refresher on its fundamentals, register now.

  • How to analyze and compare the relative tracking performance of various GNSS receivers

  • How to test the time a receiver takes to calculate the first position fix and measure the accuracy of the computed position to a true location

  • How you can evaluate the dynamic performance of a receiver in terms of both accuracy and availability of the signals

  • How to confirm how many channels are being used for acquisition, tracking and re-acquisition against the published spec

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