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Assuring the successful launch of VoWiFi devices and services

Service providers and customers alike have been dreaming of the possibilities of converged fixed and mobile communications for years. As more and more service providers and device manufacturers line up behind Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology, the dream is finally becoming a reality. While VoLTE deployments are well underway worldwide, VoWiFi is just getting started with a handful of initial deployments and announcements. Over the past year, Spirent has worked closely with the trailblazers rolling out the first generation of VoWiFi services and has seen first-hand the promise of this new technology as well as some of the initial weaknesses.

We invite you to join us for a webinar during which Spirent’s experts will share our lessons learned from these early VoWiFi deployments including how to evaluate VoWiFi user experience and determine whether new VoWiFi devices and services are ready to launch. The webinar will include an overview of VoWiFi technology, recommendations for assuring the successful launch of high-quality VoWiFi devices and services and real world measurements of VoWiFi experience. 

Who should watch:

  • Members of Marketing, Device Quality, Service and Network Quality, First Field Application and Network Optimization teams from Mobile Operators, MSOs, Hotspot Providers and other Service Providers

  • Members of Quality Assurance, Field Testing, Marketing and R&D in Device Manufacturers and Chipset Providers 


  • Rich McNally, Director, Service Experience Programs, Spirent Communications 

  • Alan Way, Senior Manager, Methodology and Platforms, Spirent Communications 

  • Rupert Lloyd, Sr. Product Manager, Service Experience Solutions, Spirent Communications

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