Webinar: Improving Data Center Performance with 25/50GE


The first interoperability tests with 25/50/100GE technology are complete, and products are shipping. New 25/50/100GE fabrics will deliver higher bandwidth for improved application performance in the data center with reduced cost. These new fabrics will initially be attractive to large-scale data center operators looking to migrate to 100GE switching and 25/50GE server connectivity, and will require buyers to re-evaluate their purchasing decisions. This webinar explores options for 25/50/100GE architectures and their impact in the data center and provides recommendations for buyers of new 25/50/100GE products.

Key Topics Discussed

  • What’s driving the need for 25/50/100GE data center architectures
  • How these new architectures will roll out, and their expected impact on 10/40GE markets
  • New 25/50/100GE products hitting the market
  • Example 25/50/100GE use cases


Improving Data Center Performance Webinar Speakers

  • Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Research Director, Data Center, Cloud and SDN, IHS
  • Motti Beck, Director, Enterprise Market Development, Mellanox Technologies, Inc.
  • Nishant Lodha, Product Marketing Manager, QLogic
  • Ken Van Orman, Sr. Product Manager of Hardware and Platforms, Spirent Communications
  • JoAnne Emery, Sr. Manager, Webinar Events, IHS (Moderator)

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