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The 5G Network Digital Twin

5G isn’t just one technology – it’s a collection of a host of technologies covering everything from MIMO antennas to enhanced location capabilities and network slicing. Navigating such a diverse set of complex technologies isn’t easy. At the same time, there are increasing expectations for better performance even as service providers race to deploy 5G much faster than previous generations.

This creates challenges for enterprises that want to test new products and services that integrate with 5G. New networks are constantly in flux making it difficult if not impossible to achieve consistent test results. And the cost and complexity of deploying actual 5G infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive. What’s more, creating repeatable real-world traffic levels – for the most realistic testing – requires additional capabilities.

Enter Spirent’s 5G Network Digital Twin. This brief video introduces the concept behind this emulated software replica of the 5G physical network that allows for continuous prototyping, testing and optimization across a variety of applications.