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Spirent Managed Solutions – SecurityLabs – Enterprise Edition

Augmenting security teams with SecurityLabs experts helps organizations optimize staffing, supplement internal expertise, and facilitate compliance through independent third-party testing and reporting. Our testing professionals can assist with:

SecurityLabs solution offerings include:

  • Manual penetration testing of network infrastructure, web and mobile applications, embedded devices, and source code

  • Automated scanning and reporting via a unique, unified SaaS platform that offers continuous visibility of the security posture by scanning, analyzing and monitoring an organization’s IT infrastructure

  • Continuous compliance through independent, customized, automated, ondemand testing

  • Sector-specific vulnerability testing covering every industry and geography

  • Consulting services ranging from implementation of best-practice testing methodologies to risk analysis of potential attack scenarios to remediation strategies

  • 5G Core Security testing providing security compliance. testing; basic vulnerability assessment; enhanced security assessment and penetration testing; 3GPP general security requirements; Incorporating public key infrastructure security

  • Accounting for New Cybersecurity Frameworks including Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE), Zero Trust and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Mutual authentication

Brochure includes use cases and a 5G Core Security Testing case study.

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