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Spirent Professional Services – Resident Engineer Program

Faced with implementing a new testing product, utilizing new testing methodologies, or integrating new automation solutions, organizations often find they do not have the qualified personnel on site. This highlights the need for specialized and extended technical expertise outside standard in-house resource capabilities.

Spirent Professional Services offers on-site technical Resident Engineer (RE) expertise in extended engagements that traditionally exceed eight consecutive weeks. Projects range from upgrading networks or devices, integrating new 5G or security solutions, implementing wireless infrastructures, as well as consulting and developing state-of-the-art test automation solutions, incorporating DevOps and CI/CD best practices to achieve continuous test (CT) automation.

Spirent Professional Services offer three solutions for on-site engineering expertise, which may also include a combination of all three:

  • Support Engineer with implementation service capabilities

  • Test Service Engineer for test case development and execution

  • Automation Engineer for automation environment setup and test campaign development

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