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An introduction to Open RAN


Leading carriers are beginning to rollout massive 5G deployments, but the associated CapEx and OpEx costs for RAN are huge due in part to necessary increases in the number of cell sites. Open RAN (O-RAN) attempts to solve this problem by disaggregating and splitting the RAN, supporting standardized open and interoperable interfaces, and allowing key functions to run as virtualized software functions on vendor-neutral hardware.

With O-RAN, the traditional RAN is split into the centralized unit (CU), distributed unit (DU), radio unit (RU), and RAN intelligence controller (RIC). This helps avoid dependence on a single vendor and, in turn, provides multiple benefits for providers, such as:

  • Open, standardized interfaces and software-defined architecture allow new players with differentiated offerings to enable a multi-vendor ecosystem that increases competition, potentially lowering costs.

  • Intelligent, data-driven closed loop control of RAN enables new use cases and fosters increased innovation.

  • Disaggregation and virtualization of the RAN enable flexible deployments, leverage cloud-native principles, and deliver new service models.

Spirent's Unique Solution

Comprehensive testing with real-time emulation: Spirent offers the most thorough, reliable, and realistic testing approaches for advanced real-world performance and multi-vendor operability validation as well as standards-based testing. Our comprehensive test portfolios and real-time (bi-directional) emulation most accurately reflect a live, real-world O-RAN environment.

Automation: Spirent’s O-RAN solutions provide pre-built test libraries across performance, resiliency, security, compliance, and more with a fully integrated system with open APIs. The solution is designed to plug-and-play seamlessly into any automation pipeline.

Single user experience: Spirent offers the industry’s only solution portfolio managed through a single user experience regardless of the testing type being executed. The interface provides a comprehensive view of all KPIs, metrics, and troubleshooting logs.

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