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The Spirent 2023 5G Report

Market Drivers, Insights and Considerations


5G is finding its groove and not a moment too soon. There is pressure to produce revenue growth. An eye on restraining and even lowering costs wherever possible. Impatience for delivery on promises. Most importantly, there is substantial progress on a number of fronts.

Against this backdrop, our fourth annual report takes a look at where 5G stands and what to expect as another critical year kicks off. With more than 2,600 5G engagements under our belt to date, including 800 new engagements over the past year, we have a unique, broad-based view of the industry’s global 5G pursuit.

Following are just a few of our key observations and insights:

  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) range and competitive speeds doubled in just 12 months with throughputs reaching upwards of 900Mbps on mmWave and ranges beyond 2km

  • Mobile gaming success zeroed in on KPIs that relate to user perception and acceptable tolerances

  • Multi-access edge computing (MEC) performance with cloud providers demonstrated less than 20ms latencies but guaranteeing consistency is a work in progress

  • VoNR on 5G Standalone is getting ready for prime time with Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) beating VoLTE, demonstrating the potential for future immersive collaboration services

  • Private networks are moving forward as stakeholders recognize the need for a simple set of understandable SLAs, performance and site acceptance metrics that will drive enterprise IT/OT/security team investments

Download the report to get our full set of findings as the pursuit of new 5G revenue kicks into high gear!

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