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The Spirent 2021 5G Report: Mid-Year Addendum

Updates on 5G milestones, just past the halfway mark for 2021

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5G is advancing so quickly on so many fronts that it can be challenging to discern how far we’ve already come and how far there is to go. At 2021’s halfway point, 5G remains in its infancy with approximately one-fifth of global operators having actually launched 5G. In many cases, 5G Core network upgrades are just now beginning.

This addendum to our 2021 5G report brings you our cutting-edge insight into 5G trends based on hundreds of customer engagements around the world. You’ll learn:

  • How the trends observed at the beginning of 2021 are playing out

  • The latest industry and Spirent milestones on the journey to global 5G

  • Updates on engagements with Telefónica, AWS and other industry leaders

  • A refreshed view of standards progress for 5G, Open RAN, Private Networks and 6G

Download your copy of the 2021 5G Report Addendum to get the latest intel on this fast-growing, rapidly changing technology.

If you haven’t already read our Spirent 2021 5G Report, you may find it useful to read the report before reviewing the addendum.

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