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SpirentConnect – A Resilient PNT Webinar Series


Ahead of standardisation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Resilient PNT Conformance Framework, Spirent examines the challenges facing regulators and businesses in achieving reliability in the performance of PNT equipment. This series will give unique insight from industry experts into identifying and addressing common PNT threats.

This three part webinar series includes:

The challenges of standardising PNT resilience

  • Understanding the reliance on PNT

  • An outline of the key vulnerabilities

Speakers: Guy Buesnel (Spirent) and Duke Bucker (Microchip)
(time: 00:00:00 – 00:36:09)

Preparing for compliance to PNT resilience standards

  • Performing a risk assessment of your exposure to PNT threats

  • Understanding the impacts on your business

Speakers: Guy Buesnel (Spirent) and Dana Goward (Resilient Navigation & Timing Foundation)
(time: 00:36:09 to 01:15:57)

A proposed test framework for robust PNT

  • Looking at the equipment and methodologies to apply in the lab

  • Incorporating PNT into your cybersecurity framework

Speakers: Ajay Vemuru (Spirent) and Aleksander Gorkowienko (Spirent)
(time: 01:15:57 to 01:58:08)

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