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Paving the Way to Secure SD‑WAN

Superhighway or Traffic Jam? The Need for Secure SD‑WAN


SD‑WAN is quickly evolving from upholding physical on-premises connectivity to becoming cloud-centric. This was accelerated by the Covid pandemic, where remote work became widespread, and redefined networking in the process. This disruption resulted in more sophisticated threats, which in turn has elevated the urgency and importance of holistic security.

In response, this new reality for SD-WAN necessitated employing a new policy-based framework of security management known as Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE) in conjunction with Zero Trust (ZT) authentication to access cloud-based applications and data. Adoption of Secure SD-WAN requires a complex set of capabilities in networking and optimization.

To help navigate your solution’s destination as planned, we developed a three-step guideline to manage the complexity and realize Secure SD-WAN’s the untapped potential:

  • Traverse the Stack: Validate across vendors, layers, and services with expert guidance.

  • Roadblock the Risks: Take a proactive, vendor-neutral approach to validate security defenses.

  • Bridge the Lifecycle: Utilize comprehensive and continuous testing in all phases.

SD-WAN is a high-growth opportunity. Download our eBook today to learn how to mitigate the complexity and rein in costs.

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