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How to Test Open RAN

How to Test Open RAN

Open RAN’s (O-RAN) approach to diversify monolithic RAN supply chains represents an entirely new way of building networks.

Successful rollouts will be largely driven by whether O-RAN can perform at least as well as traditional radio, close feature gaps, achieve simple plug-and-play interoperability, and realize anticipated cost savings. This is creating new dynamics in testing that must be considered and accommodated.

The range of test considerations that must be addressed before an individual component or end-to-end system is ready to go live include:

  • Multi-vendor interoperability

  • Feature conformance

  • Performance and robustness

  • Mobility scenarios and handovers

  • Security

  • Capacity and scalability

  • Synchronization and timing

  • Application and service validation

This eBook provides an overview of testing O-RAN and its disaggregated components and how automated, real-time, real-world, and continuous testing is key to its success.

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