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How to create a realistic GNSS test environment in the lab

Considerations for maximizing realism in GNSS simulation, recording and playback


You need to know how your GNSS enabled device will perform in the real world. But testing in the real world is not feasible due to time and cost constraints. Testing that combines the greatest possible level of realism with the control needed for scientific analysis gives you the power to release better products faster – assuring happy customers.

Every element of your test environment can have an impact on the realism of your testing, from the components used in your test equipment through to the software tools used to enhance the virtual environment. Learn the value in creating a realistic GNSS test environment in the comfort of your own lab. Download this eBook to discover:

  • What is realism in lab-based GNSS testing?
  • How to achieve maximum realism in the lab
  • Four principles for realistic GNSS testing in the lab
  • Considerations for realistic simulation
  • Considerations for realistic RF record & playback

If you would like to collaborate with our experts to ensure realistic GNSS testing for your project, contact us.

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