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Building the New Telecom Innovation Pipeline

Services 620x200 - Building the New Telecom Innovation Pipeline

The vision of rapid telecom transformation is anchored by new technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN and Cloud. These transformative technologies require a new approach to innovation and testing.

The right building blocks are readily available for this new telecom innovation model. Putting them together effectively in a strong foundation often requires a trusted partner to help you realize the potential for you and your customers.

Our latest eBook examines the core essentials for success in developing a state-of-the-art Telecom Innovation Pipeline:

  • Rethink a DIY-only approach. Are automation and DevOps continuous testing core competencies? If not, consider bringing in specialists to accelerate transformations.

  • Lay a solid foundation with help from a pro. Take the first step to more efficient telecom innovation by consolidating and automating physical labs with Lab as a Service (LaaS).

  • Get your crews working together as one. Streamline collaboration between Service Provider and Network Vendor teams and adopt agile CI/CD practices with Test as a Service (TaaS).

  • Secure an unbiased inspection before you cut the ribbon. Launch high-quality services confidently by taking a neutral, vendor-agnostic approach to turn-up testing with Deployment as a Service (DaaS).

Learn how Spirent's customers who adopted managed 'as a Service' solutions increase efficiency, agility and quality, and lower costs in the process.

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