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Leveraging Security to “Innovate with Intention”

Blog - Proactive application and security validation for hybrid network services model

For years, companies have been trying to bridge the “innovation gap,” which is the difference between the desire to ignite innovation and success in doing so. In a landmark survey by McKinsey & Company, 84% of executives said innovation is extremely important to their growth strategies, but 94% were unsatisfied with their innovation performance.(1)

Why does this gap persist? A closer look reveals two important misconceptions about innovation. The first is that cybersecurity impedes innovation because it adds enormous complexity and delay to the development of new products and services. The second is that innovation is the result of unstructured creativity, or “Eureka!” moments.

"Leveraging Security to “Innovate with Intention" clearly demonstrates the fallacy of both assumptions. It will illustrate how security can actually be a catalyst and an accelerator for innovation; and it will show that harnessing intelligence generated by Spirent security solutions can empower companies to innovate with intention—to take responsible risks based on actionable intelligence—and thereby innovate more effectively.

1. McKinsey & Company Global Survey, “Innovation and Commercialization,” August 2010.

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