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Lab-as-a-Service for Physical and Virtual Hybrid Testbeds


With the network experiencing the most dramatic technology disruptions, this disruption is coming from the rethinking of how the network is being delivered and managed. Network function virtualization allows the industry to rethink and retool the network from the ground up. However, this is creating many challenges in the areas of service assurance and network testing and verification.

There are challenges to creating a hybrid test bed that include:

  • How many different tools are required to automate an NFV test?

  • How do you orchestrate a test that controls multiple devices in the test?

  • What sort of report is required that can show all the events across all the devices?

  • How do you manage multiple API’s from the various tools and DUT’s in the lab?

  • How do you maximize the investment in the test cases and libraries built over time?

With new technologies, comes the need to reimagine how testing needs to occur and how the test environments must evolve to achieve meaningful results. Download this eBook to read more about Lab-as-a-Service for Physical/Virtual Hybrid Testbeds.

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