Free eBook: Testing GNSS Automotive and Telematics Applications for System Integrity

Testing GNSS Systems for Automotive Applications eBook

Automotive satnav systems are the single most lucrative market for GNSS receiver manufacturers, with new applications and opportunities emerging almost every day.

But with the built environment throwing up many obstacles to GNSS signal reception, how can you be sure your receiver will perform to customer expectations wherever they are in the world?

Download a free eBook to discover Spirent’s best-practice advice for testing GNSS applications for automotive and telematics. You’ll learn:

  • The different types of interference that can affect in-vehicle GNSS receiver performance
  • The nine basic tests that should be applied to all automotive/telematics GNSS receivers
  • How to simulate real-world road conditions in a controlled, repeatable lab environment

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Spirent has been the global leader in GNSS testing for near 30 years. Spirent delivers navigation and positioning test equipment and services to governmental agencies, major manufacturers, integrators, test facilities and space agencies worldwide.  

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