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Satisfying Dongfeng Motor C-V2X HIL Subsystem Requirements


For a C-V2X HIL subsystem, a platform capable of emulating fading of RF signals in real-world environments is required to simulate the performance of C-V2X receivers under vehicle-in-motion scenarios. Challenges may emerge in emulating the dynamic changes of RF signals of multiple vehicles in various C-V2X scenarios , including downtown intersections, downtown curves, expressway straight lanes, and expressway curves. It is to evaluate C-V2X receiver performance in C-V2X HIL systems in a more realistic way (with complicated live network environment). Due to different relative positions, relative speeds and complex surrounding environments, the dynamic environments for C-V2X signal transmission are very complicated, and the current C-V2X standardization is still on-going. Now some organizations have been collecting real-world field V2I and V2V data for modeling, hoping to generate recommended channel models for lab tests. With these models collected in real-world, some lab instruments are required to create models in labs and replay them faithfully, and this part of the effort will be completed with Spirent channel modeling expert team and its powerful VERTEX platform.

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