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oneNav selects Spirent GNSS simulator

Providing streamline assurance and testing of innovative global positioning receiver architecture.

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From autonomous cars and drones to augmented reality glasses, the criticality of positioning systems is growing. The need for smaller and more energy efficient positioning engines that can work highly accurately everywhere is rapidly escalating.

The world’s GNSS satellites have been upgraded with stronger and more data rich signals, coinciding with ever increasing market demand for better accuracy and reliability. oneNav, a pioneer in the field of high-performance positioning technologies, is at the forefront of this evolution with its pureL5 receiver design.

“The simulator proved invaluable in helping us to take our proof of concept and validate it quickly across a whole host of operating scenarios that would have been time consuming and difficult to replicate with just drive testing.”

Find out how oneNav utilized Spirent’s GSS7000 GNSS simulator and PNT Professional Services expertise to ensure successful launch of its next generation pureL5 architecture.

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