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High precision GNSS Positioning for Flexible and Controllable HIL Testing Solution


High precision GNSS positioning is one of the main positioning technologies used in the development of the V2X industry. The customer closely follows the development trends in the V2X industry and uses high precision GNSS positioning with multi-constellation and multi-frequency signals in the ADAS on its new automobile platforms. In the meantime, in an effort to establish a more realistic testing environment, the customer needs to perform low-latency HIL (hardware-in-loop) tests. However, it is a major difficult point for the customer to use controllable GNSS signals that satisfy low-latency requirements to perform high precision GNSS tests with HIL for its devices. Meanwhile, the customer faces another challenge ‒ real-world drive tests require intensive investments but are unable to replicate real sky signals and device anomalies, making it extremely difficult to quickly locate sources for device malfunctioning, that’s why The customer has the urgent need of an alternative solution for real-world drive tests.

Key Requirements

  • Building test environment for on board equipment testing is required to perform high precision GNSS tests with HIL hardware;

  • Stable, flexible, controllable and low-latency GNSS signals with high pseudorange accuracy are required to perform high precision tests on HIL hardware;

  • An alternative solution to drive tests is required for the replication of highly realistic GNSS signals comparable to real-world drive tests.

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