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GSS9000 Advanced Multi-element Simulation System

fighter-jet-plane-620x200 GSS9000 Advanced Multi-element Simulation System Brochure

Testing CRPAs and other adaptive antenna systems demands powerful, capable and precise test instruments. This brochure gives an extended overview of Spirent’s integrated wavefront simulation system, built on the industry leading GSS9000 Series platform, that is trusted on safety- and mission-critical projects around the world.

Capabilities of the GSS9000 Advanced Multi-element GNSS Simulation System include:

  • Unrivalled signal generation performance – including the industry’s first 2 kHz update rate

  • Support for 16+ antenna elements

  • Simultaneous simulation of 1000+ independent signals

  • >130 dB jammer to GNSS nominal signal ratio, with comprehensive spoofing capability

  • Range of available integrations, including EGI/IMU emulation through SimINERTIAL

Also included in this extended brochure are example configurations for GNSS and interference signal generation, as well as onboard spoofing capabilities.

Download the Brochure