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Spirent Managed Solutions – Testing as a Service for 5G Core

Organizations adopting 5G Core face a plethora of challenges:

  • Complex infrastructure. Network functions must be integrated with services chaining across multiple organizations including transport, mobile, IT, developers, and operations.

  • Visibility constraints. Inconsistent tools from engineering, development, labs, and operations limit the ability to identify, isolate and resolve faults.

  • Expertise shortage. Broad skillsets are needed, with deep knowledge requirements, in a fast-paced setting of technology, standards and architectures.

  • New testing requirements. Continuous testing (CT), to rapidly validate new virtual network functions (VNF), cloud-native network functions (CNF) releases and supporting cloud infrastructure (VNFI) are needed.

  • Time pressures. New services must get to market faster to meet business objectives. Resource constraints slow testing cycles.

  • Lack of test automation platform. Development teams cannot develop software applications without a comprehensive validation environment to ensure test cases produce reliable results.

With over 1,800 solutions delivered to our customers, and as the industry leader in 5G testing, Spirent’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) for 5G Core solution delivers established expertise, with the latest technology, and the industry’s largest test case library for 5G.

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