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Spirent Managed Solutions – Test as a Service for Secure SD-WAN

Spirent’s Test as a Service (TaaS) solution for Secure SD-WAN is a sophisticated, proven program that delivers highly automated, comprehensive testing of Secure SD-WAN vendor solutions. Our solutions recreate real-world conditions so you can confidently assess every aspect of SD-WAN performance and security before rolling these services out to your customers.

Testing includes:

  • Conformance. Ensure SD-WAN solution’s compliance with industry standards, such as MEF 70.x

  • Functional. Ensure all advertised features and functions work as expected

  • Performance and scale. Ensure the SD-WAN solution meets specified performance criteria while under load

  • Security. Ensure SD-WAN solution is secure and enforces all advertised security mechanisms

  • Robustness. Ensure SD-WAN service performs well under a range of failure conditions.

Functional, performance and security testing is conducted across infrastructure, network and application services, with an expansive library of test cases for each category.

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