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5G E2E Application-based Simulation Test(EAST) Lab

To accelerate the commercialization of 5G vertical applications

5G networks are being deployed at an accelerated pace worldwide, more and more consumers have been enjoying eMBB services with high performance in mobile networks. With the evolution of technical standards, the application of URLLC and MMTC in other directions has laid a foundation for 5G to be promoted to vertical industries.

The landing of 5G based vertical applications faces two aspects of the problem.

First of all, industry applications vary widely, with different requirements for 5G network capabilities. Industry customers hope to find network slices that match each industry application, so as to not only meet performance requirements, but also cause no waste of network resources. The search for the matching between the application and network capability requires a very flexible experimental environment that can simulate various network capabilities.

Secondly, the field conditions of many industrial applications are very complex. The terminal and base station are faced with the complexity of wireless signal propagation path, such as the multipath effect brought by building occlusion, Doppler effect brought by moving scene, fading effect brought by bad weather, etc. In addition, long-distance time delay, jitter, packet out of order, packet loss and burst of traffic in real wired networks are all expected to be verified and tested as comprehensively as possible in the design and development process of vertical applications. Therefore, an experimental environment that can construct complex network transmission conditions is also necessary.

Spirent Communications Application-based 5G E2E Simulation and Test(EAST) laboratory provides a set of 5G network with a variety of complex field signal transmission conditions of vertical applications in a 19 inch rack, helps customers easily build specific 5G environment, and verifies the major KPI’s through a highly integrated automation software interface, to help customers accelerate their vertical applications’ commercialization.

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