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5G: A View from the Front Seats

A Light Reading and Spirent Webinar

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Spirent has a front row seat when it comes to the current status of 5G and the directions of investments within the industry. With over 600 global engagements in the last 12 months across the 5G ecosystem Spirent will share unparalleled insights on the current status of 5G and what’s coming next including:

  • The real state and performance of 5G.

  • The areas in which NEMs and CSPs are focusing their efforts over the next 12-18 months.

  • How new initiatives like Open RAN are progressing.

  • Why the Defense industry is looking to use a commercial technology like 5G.

  • What the future holds based on investments in research and innovation by the 5G ecosystem.

Please join Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading, Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy, Spirent, and James Kimery, VP of Product Management, Spirent and sit beside them in the front seats to discover what’s really happening with 5G.

Watch the Webinar